Yacht spotting is relaxing, inspiring and exhilarating

Yachts and sailing boats have been an integral part of global history

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Yacht Spotting

Watching nature at her magnificent best – listening to the flapping wind in the sails, the gentle lapping and splashing of the waves, as the ingenuously-designed hulls move through the water powered purely by natural forces. From the shore or from the water, yacht spotting is relaxing, inspiring and exhilarating. Noting the different manufacturers, spotting the latest tech on racing yachts, admiring classic traditional boats, marvelling at the wide range of sizes and types. Yachts and sailing boats have been an integral part of global history. Originally purely as a means of transportand now as a means primarily of recreation and racing.

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity

Yacht manufacture continually embraces new technology in design and materials to advance and develop even more powerful and impressive models and the market eagerly awaits the latest releases. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to own your own yacht or upgrade your existing vessel, we’re here to assist. We’re providing an overview of some of the most popular yacht manufacturers, sources to find great second hand yachts and tips and hints on sourcing cheap yacht finance.

Why just engage in yacht spotting when you could be sailing your own yacht? With interest rates low, it has never been a better time to tick items off your bucket list and buy your own yacht. Finance is available for both new and used yachts with cheap boat loans a very realpossibility if you know where to look – we’ll provide directions!

Bavaria Yachts

Built with signature German engineering, Bavaria yachts have been gracing the seas since 1978 and their latest Cruiser Line offers a range of model options to suit those wanting to sail with a crew or alone.

Bénéteau Yachts

Built in France, with a company history dating back to 1884, Beneteau Yachtsis a long-running family owned business which unveiled its first yacht at the Paris Boat Show in 1965.Beneteau is very popular in Australia as it continues to amaze with the latest releases including the Oceanis Yacht 54 and Oceanis 40.1

Jeanneau Yachts

Born in France and available in Australia through a select dealer network, Jeanneau yachts are built for cruising and racing with contemporary styling, thoughtful inclusions and incorporating the latest technology in design and development.

Benetti Yachts

When you think Made in Italy, you think luxury, craftsmanship and quality and that is exactly what Benetti Yachts delivers. An Italian boat building company which can date its origins back to 1873, Benetti’s contemporary collection of superyachts are simply superb.

Best Yacht Finance

If you’re not content with just spotting what’s gliding through the water and would prefer to be at the helm of your own yacht, we reveal what finance options are available to purchase your own yacht.

Boat Finance Calculator

While browsing yachts for sale, you can also be accessing a rough estimate on your possible monthly repayments for any particular boat by using a boat finance calculator. Find out how and where.

Best Yacht Sales Websites

Shopping for both new and used yachts has never been easier. Manufacturers provide excellent photos and often videos of their models on their websites so you can see the detail and there are several great websites dedicated to boat for sales.