Popular Yachts – Benetti Yachts

When you hear or read ‘Made in Italy’ you immediately know that means something very, very special.  Something luxurious and to coveted. A combination of technology and craftsmanship and creativity. Benetti Yachts embodies all your best interpretations of Made in Italy – luxury Italian superyachts that are truly in a class of their own.

The brand was founded by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873 and this world-renowned has gone on to greatness, producing its first mega yacht in the 1960s. Benetti is synonymous with luxury superyachts, with their yachts ranging from 30 metres to over 100 metres.

At this level, it is not surprising that Benetti yachts are custom-built. Their Class range allows for semi-customisation so you can determine many of your own finishings while the Custom range enables the buyer to make their ultimate yachting dreams come true.

While the Italian craftsmanship is a signature of Benetti, technology and innovation are equally addressed. The company incorporates the latest tech and especially address efficiency with low fuel consumption inclusions.

Buying a Benetti Yacht

To purchase your very own Benetti Yacht, a trip to the boatyard in Italy would be the ultimate. The shipyard in Livorno alone is over 600,000 square metres and an amazing facility. On site you can personally see their investment into their infrastructure and research and development which ensures every Benetti is the best possible.

But if a trip to Italy is not possible, not a problem. There are a number of dealers in Australia where you can place your Benetti order and plan your customisation. Of note, Geoff Lovett International on Queensland’s Gold Coast, which has enjoyed a long association with Benetti.

Second-hand Benetti yachts will be found in various locations around the world and a yacht broker may be your best way to source the yacht that best suits your requirements.

Financing Your Benetti Yacht

A custom super yacht deserves a customised finance deal. In order to secure the best marine finance deal, you should be using the services of a finance broker that has extensive experience and contacts in marine finance.

This is a specialised field and a ‘call to the bank’ is not necessarily going to secure you the best finance deal on your Benetti.

We know people that specialise in marine finance and can pass on their details to you. Please contact us for more information.