Boat Finance Calculator

Deciding to purchase a yacht is a great move towards realising your dreams. But if you have no idea what your repayments would be on your boat loan, it makes culling that wish list down to ‘possibles’ very difficult. While browsing yachts for sale, you can also be accessing a rough estimate on your possible monthly repayments for any particular boat by using a boat finance calculator.

A boat finance calculator is an online tool which allows you to quickly and easily calculate estimated monthly repayments on any priced boat.

Boat finance calculators are made available on many finance broker, bank and finance company websites. They’re easy to use but you should be aware of how to use them to your best advantage.

How a Calculator Works

  • Boat finance calculators are a generic calculation device available on websites.
  • They are formatted similar to many online forms and include fields or boxes where you enter your data.
  • Essential information fields are usually indicated with an asterisk.
  • The first data requested is usually the amount you want to borrow. This may be the full purchase price of the boat you are considering, the price less any deposit or trade in you plan to make or the purchase price plus an allowance for other costs involved in the purchase.
  • Enter the loan term. This is how long you would like to pay off the loan. Some lenders do have maximum limits on boat loan terms, but make an estimate for this purpose.
  • Interest rate – enter the interest rate displayed on the company’s website. Note that different rates often apply for personal and business loans.
  • A balloon or residual applies to business finance products. This is a percentage of the purchase price that is deferred for payment at the end of the loan term.
  • Once you’ve entered all the data, you click the calculate button and an estimated monthly repayment appears.


  • Read the disclaimers and any terms and conditions for that particular calculator.
  • An estimate derived by a calculator is not an indication that your application is approved, it is not an offer or firm quote and does not take into account any fees and charges that a lender may charge or any aspects around your individual application.
  • Taking into account these considerations, it is a great tool for anyone wanting to source a boat loan.

When can direct you to a boat finance calculator that you can use for free. So please contact us for details.