Popular Yachts – Jeanneau Yachts

Luxurious and liveable describe Jeanneau Yachts perfectly. This French boat builder dates from the late 1950s when Henri Jeanneau start building wooden hulls to cater for his passion for racing powerboats. The move to building sail boats came in 1964 and since then the name has become synonymous with luxury and innovative yacht cruising. In 2018 the company introduced a series that they called the walk-around, which was somewhat of a new idea in cruising yachts. A deck area that could easily be walked around.

If you’re interested in buying a new Jeanneau, there is a national network of dealers in Australia so you can hopefully find one in your state and close to your home port. They enjoy the full support of the parent company in France so you will receive all the latest information on the model you select.

The Jeanneau Range

There are 3 collections in the range – Sun Odyssey, Sun Fast and the signature Jeanneaus. All with the luxury yet sturdiness and reliability that you expect while cruising and when you make port.

The Jeanneau 51 features a very large cockpit which puts the competitors on notice. Plenty opportunities exist to customise your 51 to suit your lifestyle including incorporating a wine cellar – very French to think of that!

Upgrading to the Jeaneau 64 will give you even more length and luxury. This is without doubt an exceptionally designed and appointed yacht. Jeanneau pay a lot of attention to providing for the highest quality of lifestyle both above and below deck. The cockpit living space is very flexible and, of course, includes an external fridge for the necessary refreshments. The 64 offers the opportunity for a bespoke style of appointments. This truly is a pocket super-yacht.

Buying a Jeanneau Yacht

For a new yacht contact your local dealer. For a used Jeanneau, head to the boat sales websites to see what is currently on the market. While browsing, make sure you have a Boat Finance Calculator open so you can compare monthly repayment estimates on the various price ranges. Head to our Boat Finance Calculator for information on accessing a calculator.

Financing Your Jeanneau

Luxury does come at a price and most will be seeking finance to purchase their Jeanneau. Head to our Boat Finance webpage for a rundown on what the options are and how you can source a cheap boat loan from experts in marine finance.

Or, just contact us as we know people that operate in the area of boat loans and can easily pass on their details to you.